TSAW – Teacher Staff Appreciation Week

February 10-14th

Show the Teachers and Staff that you appreciate all that they do.

On Thursday, February 13th, Charlottetown Rural Home and School will be hosting a luncheon for the Teachers and Staff – We need your help!

Below is a link to a sign up sheet:


Home and School Minutes

Home and School meeting (January 2019) 


Treasury report-Tracey 

New Business:  

(1) There was much discussion on change of Graduation timing to an afternoon graduation. Pros and cons were considered. After graduation student events were discussed as well. June 24 is the Graduation.  An email will be sent to parents advising them of the change. Need for water addressed.                               

(2) The monthly newsletter met with lots of approval!   We hope this will keep parents aware of what’s going on in the school, as well as student achievements and activities. 

 Principal report: 

(1) Wellness Week this week. 

 Travis Saunders will speak regarding Screen time and sedentary behavior.  Thursday will be a unified sport-Bocce ball. Friday will have the therapy puppies visit the school.  These are some of the events planned. 

(2) Waterloo math exam-Out of 750 schools the Rural came in 46th.( Tied with Halifax West school).  Noted that the math club in the school is doing very well 

(3) Discussion held on school software.  Where things are and where they are going. 

(4) Raider night-March 14.   –There have been meetings to plan and coordinate with Holland Collage. Much anticipation!  

(5)  Teacher Appreciation- There will be a separate meeting to plan for the Feb 14 event. We will send out a google Doc sign-up sheet for parent support. 

 (6)  The monthly newsletter  

Next meeting: will be March 6 at 630 pm in the conference room.  


Home and School Meeting

Home and School Meeting  November, 2018 


DAC Report- Stephanie discussed the focus of the meeting she attended. 

Treasury report-Tracey 

Principal report- Prom and the Graduation were discussed. 

-Raider Night will be March the 14th 

Parent Teacher will be 22 and 23 of November. 

 There will be only be a parent teacher night for first semester. 

-There will be a Leadership Lecture this month. 

Next meeting  January 8 2019. 

Home and School Meeting

Home and School Meeting —May 1, 2018 


  • Treasurer report-given by Tracey. 
  • DAC report. DAC not present. 
  • New Business – (1) Discussion of possible links in parent icon for teen stress and anxiety. It was noted that the websites are very general and not always relevant to teens needs. As this is such a huge project, it was decided that the website called Teen mental health.org will be added to the school website.
  • (2) $200 federation fee discussed.
  • (3) Home and School donation of Scholarship money for students – $200 extra will go towards scholarships for a total of $700 this year.            
  • (4) Grant idea for October discussed- will see next meeting if there is interest in pursuing this. 
  • Feedback from Raider night-another huge success! Things were smoother this year as last year’s kinks were worked out. Great community support.  Will probably make this an annual event. Career night-A success as well with good feedback. Much interest from the students. This will be every second year. 
  • Grad prep-there will be a separate meeting for grad planning TBA.   
  • Principle report and upcoming events 
  • Round table. 
  • Next meeting TBA 

Home and School meeting-  January 9, 2018. 

Home and School meeting-  January 9, 2018. 

Present- Dylan Mallally, Rebecca Rioux, Tracey Willoughby, Stephanie Knickle, Theresa Sheehan. Carolyn Courtney ,Thomas Tong  ,Surray Mak, Margaret Morse.  

Treasurer report—was given by Tracey. 

Stan Chaisson: Stan gave us an update on the Charlottetown Rural Gardens project that he has started.  The greenhouse was being used sporadically, so Stan has been working with the PEI farm community to obtain soil, seeds, etc. Stan also applied for and received a grant that he will use towards developing a garden that will incorporate healthy eating education, science, carpentry, entrepreneurship etc. Stan is hoping for parent support in springtime.  

DAC report: Stephanie attended and reported on the first meeting of the DAC committee.   

Principal report:  Registration- there are some parent concerns regarding the rezoning unknowns. There will be a meeting next week on this.  

Staffing increase-there will be 3 extra positions. One of these will for an EAL youth worker.  

12 days left for this semester!  Very busy time for students and teachers. 

Upcoming events- 

Raider Night will be Feb 15 (Thursday). There will be a meeting between the Rural staff, Sherri Hogan, and Holland Collage.    

-Career Day will be March 14.  This is a new venture that the school is trying to better prepare the students for choosing a career. 

-High School Musical will be from May 8-11. Cast parents have already started volunteering and more volunteers will be needed closer to the date to help with painting,etc. 

-Prom. Teachers are looking for a committee of parents to take this on. The Rural is one of the few schools that still support a prom. Teachers have been carrying the ball on this but this year will be looking for a parent committee (possibly parents of Gr 12 students) to be able to continue this event

-Safe grad and grad were discussed. 

Round table: Teacher appreciation is Feb 12-16 this year. There will be a separate meeting to plan this event. Parent support will be requested again this year. 

Meeting adjourned. Next meeting will be Feb 6 at 630 PM. 


Home and School Minutes – Oct. 2017

Present- Dylan Mullally, Rebecca Rioux, Tracey Willoughby, Sherri Hogan , Margaret Morse, Theresa Shechan, and Pam Wynne.

Treasurer Report- was given by Tracey. The donations by parents are always greatly appreciated. It was noted that registration has gone up to $200 this year.

Old Business – (1) Parking- some new spots have been made. There have been no issues yet this year. (2) Cell phone use- no issues yet this year.

New Business-

-Student suspension policy- reviewed

-Scholarships – Donation icon?-it was decided to leave the scholarship at $500. Dylan will look into possibly creating a scholarship donation site.

-Healthy Eating initiates-(peanut butter policy –greenhouse-cafeteria)-(1) Rebecca mentioned that there are still many serious peanut allergies that would prohibit a leniency in the no peanut rule. (2) There has been much work being done by Mr. Chaisson and his group. They are investigating plans to increase the usage of the greenhouse as well as using outside resources.

-Home and School membership $200 due Nov 30

Principal Report- Dylan reviewed the school goals of literacy, numeracy, well being and public confidence. He discussed the use of descriptive feedback and skill development between teachers and staff. Dylan announced that this year there will be a career day on March 14th. He is hoping that parents will contribute to this and volunteer to talk about their work. There will be a sign-up sheet as well as a call-out. Raider Night will be held again this year in February. Sherri Hogan will be the liaison again this year. There will be a requirement for parent support for– the fundraiser, Career Day, prom and the play. The play this year will be High School Musical.

DAC (District Advisory Council)- There has been a volunteer parent come forward for this popsition. Thank You to all that showed interest in this position. Stephanie Knickle will attend the Dec 5 meeting and update us at the next meeting

Round table

Adjourn. Next meeting Dec 5/2018